Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 12 ~What's in My Bag~

Anyone who knows me knows I change purses ALL. THE. TIME.  Hi, my name is Shutterbug, and I have a purse problem.  Actually, bags of all kinds.  Diaper bags, purses, tote bags, reuseable grocery bags, luggage, little zipper pouches... the list goes on.  Yup, I have a problem!  At least I admit it, right? 

So as for what is in my purse, I refuse to take pictures right now.  I'm actually in the process of drafting a design to sew my own purse (out of my hubby's ACU's when he comes home) and so my current purse is just sort of "working" for now.  I've actually outgrown the purse I'm using, but I'm still cramming everything in it.  

But for quick idea of some of the things that I have with me at all times:
  • Snacks.  I'm hypoglycemic, so I always have some form of food with me.  Well, at least I should.  Sometimes I forget to refill.  =)
  • My phone.  Anyone who has had a deployed spouse can attest to the fact that your phone should just be surgically attached.  It would be easier that way.  
  • My planner.  It's my brain.  I shouldn't leave home without it.  Things get messy when I do... =)
  • A point and shoot camera.  I do end up using the camera on my phone a lot, but I'm always disappointed with the quality.  So I have a small camera that's always in my purse. 
  • A zippered bag of essential medicines.  I don't like having to quit my errands for the day because of a headache or a runny nose.  This way I can just take something and keep going!
  • My iPod.  I use it in the car for both audio books and my favorite playlists.  There are just a lot of days that I can't stand the radio. 
  • My wallet and military ID.  Never leave home without the all powerful military ID.  I can't even drive on base without that sucker!  And it proves that I qualify for those military discounts, which are always nice!
  • Some form of lip balm, usually more than one form... All times of year.  I CANNOT stand it when my lips are chapped.  
I think that about wraps it up!  What's your most crucial thing that you have in your purse?? 

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