Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well hello...


You know that "I'll blog more" thing that I said about a month ago?  

Um, yeah.  About that... I'm sorry.  

On an amazingly happy note, we are getting SO close to Mr. H coming home that I can taste it!  I'm getting super excited and a little nervous too.  My super long to-do list is getting done, little by little.  Each day that passes makes me feel a little more confident about his coming home.  And a lot more excited =).

I probably won't be around here a whole lot for the next month or so.  I just can't see myself wanting to blog a whole lot right after Mr. H comes home.  But if I come up with something, I'll be sure to post it!  

To leave you with a few snapshots before my blog break, here are some adorable ones of Kahlan!

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